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Savory macarons make great gifts, unique gifts, unusual gift

We love you so much, we went all the way to France to bring you exquisite macarons. 

Read what Toronto based food critic and blogger Joyce L. had to say about our exquisitely savoury macarons: 


Macarons, hand-made in France.

RepChampion Canada is the exclusive distributor of France Originelle gourmet products.

Hand-made in France, the traditional way, our imported gourmet savoury macarons have won Le Trophée de la Gastronomie, and are selected by worldwide sports organizations for prestigious events. 

A subtle combination of sweet shells and high quality savoury ingredients, these are definitely not your average macarons. Imagine a burst of flavours from goat cheese to figs and onions, red pepper, green olive tapenade, mushroom, carrots and cumin and the like. Best enjoyed as appetizers, our savoury macarons can also accompany your favourite wine, go on a cheese platter, or even complete a salad if you're a creative chef.

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Our macarons will delight your senses, exquisite, delicious, great for all events
Perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, get-togethers, coffee-breaks, fancy lunches and dinners and all kind of events, corporate or private gifts or for your own, personal enjoyment.

Sweet and fruity macarons are being hand-made in France now for your enjoyment. 

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