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Our gourmet macarons were placed in the Hollywod swag bags of 50 Oscars 2019 winners and nominees  staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA

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Savory macarons plated
Savory macarons display

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Hand-made in France, the traditional way, our imported gourmet sweet and savoury macarons have won Le Trophée de la Gastronomie, and are selected by worldwide sports organizations for prestigious events. 

Our sweet macarons collection is refined and delicious. You will love the flavours of vanilla, pistachio, raspberry, chocolate coffee, salted butter caramel and licorice. These macarons traditionally go as dessert.

Our savoury macarons collection is like nothing you have tasted before: An exquisite and subtle combination of sweet shells and high quality savoury ingredients. These are definitely not your average macarons. Imagine a burst of flavours from goat cheese to figs and onions, red pepper, green olive tapenade, Porcini mushroom and the like. Best enjoyed as appetizers, our savoury macarons can also accompany your favourite drink, go on a cheese platter, or even complete a salad if you're a creative chef.

Perfect for weddings, favours, baby showers, birthday parties, get-togethers, coffee-breaks, high tea, fancy lunches, refined dinners and all kind of events.
Gourmet Macarons Assortment for High Tea